This Website is a collection of scattered material. Mainly, focused on History of Pakistan and my home town. A fine summerized history of Pakistan is  a part of collection. Picture gallery contains some of rare photos of fascinating scences of Thandiani, one of main Picnic spot of the region. Beside this a  poetic collection in the form of Picture frames is a part of it.

             In Literature corner there is a selection of renowned Urdu poetic work. A large number of downloadable urdu and english books are also part of the collection. Many policy papers & research journals  of  'Brasstacks', A renowned Pakistani Think-tank are making it worth sharing. Religous books occuping a major space covers writtings from major scholars from all school of thought. Under video tab a few vedios are also tagged. For more, you can visit my Youtube channel.

                                                                 Muhammad Umer Qureshi

   Hopefully you will like all this !

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